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Tuesday, 23/09/2014, 11:15

Pretty and Youthful Playroom Color Schemes


Do you have the extra space to create a fun and lively playroom for your kiddos to enjoy? Just because the room may stay a mess throughout the week, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish and full of youthful adventure. We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite playroom color schemes that can help inspire you to jump start the decorating!

1. Primary Overload.

Primary colors are known to stimulate the senses and be great for a child’s eyesight and brain development, so why not make a fun and striped playroom with that in mind? Doesn’t this space not only look like a great adventure but stylish too?

2. Blue, Red & Yellow.

I’m a huge fan of blue tones, from powder to teal, contrasted by a poppy red – especially in such a youthful and alive setting. Add some yellow for a bit of sunshine and you’ve got a hit!

3. Soft Greens.

A soft green is nourishing and refreshing, which is the perfect way to inspire. Add some pops of the classic primary colors and you’ve got another great choice in playful decorating.

4. Black, Yellow, White & Pink.

It’s a bit edgy, a bit hipster and still a bit feminine in style. We love the uniqueness and unexpected essence of this sassy combination.

5. Pastel Hues.

From seafoam to lighter blue tones, this playrooom has a serenity and calming essence. Perfect for a nap in the afternoon, a read in the morning and make believe evenings before dinner.

6. Lavender, Fuchsia & Aqua.

Talk about an outside the box color trio for playroom decor! But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work and look charming and adorable when finished. We love the whimsy and fairy-tale essence.

7. Classic Black,  Red & White.

Black, red and white is classic and timeless whether in fashion or interior design, so going with that theme for the playroom will definitely work – especially for a circus or theater theme!

8. Masculine Blue & Yellow.

Another unique take on a “boys only” playroom would be adding blue and yellow together. Of course you can have red or green accenting, but this main theme will help to soften and relax

9. Vintage Cream & Coral.

We are loving this inspirational playroom with vintage, delicate style. The cream creates such a beautiful foundation and the poppy red and coral helps to enhance a lively atmosphere.

10. Mostly Whites.

Take about thinking outside the confines of the usual. This mostly white, crisp playroom has everything it needs for fun and everything it needs for a bright refresher.

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