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Pretty and Youthful Playroom Color Schemes
Do you have the extra space to create a fun and lively playroom for your kiddos to enjoy? Just because the room may stay a mess throughout the week, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish and full of youthful adventure. We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite playroom color schemes that can help inspire you to jump start the decorating!
21 Cool Ceiling Designs That Turn Kids’ Bedrooms Into Fantasy Land
Whether you have kids or not, I’m sure you enjoy looking at all the cute things you could one day include in their room’s design.
Interiors: a labour of love in rural Ireland
After the birth of their first child, Tom and Sasha Sykes moved from an apartment in bustling New York to Co Carlow in Ireland, where they built a home on the estate owned by Sasha’s family, fusing the modern, the traditional and the practical
The sweet tooth’s ultimate bathroom — a tub made of chocolate
CHOCOHOLIC renovators, here’s a novel idea for updating the bathroom: how about an 8-million-calorie Belgian chocolate bathtub?
A tiny apartment has been redesigned to convert into dozens of living spaces
A very small amount of floor space wasn’t enough to stop architect Gary Chang living with all the room he needed in his Hong Kong apartment.
10 Amazing Modern Kitchen Cabinet Styles
The kitchen is truly the heart of the home
The hotel with all mod con-diments! Visit the Bolivian guest house made entirely from SALT
At first glance, you could be forgiven for mistaking these images for a beach house, with the floors dusted in a layer of sand and walls made from stone.
The leaning tower of ... Copenhagen
The Bella Sky Comwell Hotel in Copenhagen has opened its doors. The 250 feet (76.5 m) tall, 814 room hotel is among of the largest in Scandinavia, but its not the size of the design from architecture firm 3XN that's striking - it's the shape. The building's tilting twin towers lean apart from each other at an impressive 15 degrees, an angle that provides guests with a better view of the surrounding parkland.
Innovative House with Slide from Level Architects
Yokohama-based atelier level architects has completed ‘house with slide’, a three-story family residence that features a continuous circulation route that utilizes both stairs and the playground equipment.
Futuro house
We have all seen science-fiction movies where our planet was invaded by aliens who came in UFOs, those round shaped flying saucers. But seeing one on TV and actually living in one are two very different things. But I guess that’s why we, people, have imagination – we must get inspired by everything around us and create some other new things. So this Finish architect and designer Suuronen made a daring project some time in the 1960s that was called the Futuro house.