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Can Manhattan Home Prices Go Higher?
Jonathan Miller, who conducted the study of Manhattan real estate activity released today, draws this conclusion about the state of the market: "I don't think it is sustainable," Mr. Miller told WPC.
Study: Caribbean Beaches Not Enough for Tourists
The Caribbean has traditionally based its popularity on sandy beaches, nightlife and good food. But it may not be enough for travelers.
Shadow Banking Looms Over China Property
China's real estate industry, battered by three years of austerity measures, faces another major threat: the impact of a sudden credit crunch that threatens to lock up China's financial system.
Which Housing Markets Charge the Most Fees?
The sale price of a home is only part of the financial equation for foreign buyers. Taxes, stamp duties and annual fees can add significant cost to the home, turning a property from an investment into a money pit.
Pre-Fab Home Builder Raises $65 Million
An ambitious developer of pre-fabricated homes has raised $65 million as it looks to create a market for its "green, precision-built" houses.
Will Croatia Entry into EU Affect Property Market?
Croatia will become the 28th country to enter the European Union on July 1, a move which could spark interest in the country's property market. Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland all saw dramatic increases in property transactions after joining the EU.
US Existing Home Sales Reach Four Year High
The total number of existing home sales in the U.S. reached a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.18 million in May, the highest level since November 2009, according to new data from the National Association of Realtors.
IRS Offers Good News for Mexico Property Buyers
A recently announced ruling by the Internal Revenue Service could save U.S. citizens buying homes in Mexico thousands of dollars and endless headaches.
Spotlight: Five Private Islands for Sale
Private islands are the ultimate status symbol. Water separates the owners from their peers-- and the cold cruel reality of the outside world. Surrounded by water, a home becomes a kingdom.
Record price for parking spaces
By Andrew Batt: Two adjacent parking spots in an exclusive part of Boston sold for US$560,000 (S$700,000) after a bidding war erupted between two neighbours.