The Golden Lodge Resort

Tay Ho district - Hanoi

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 The floors are either tiled or wooden, with the walls painted. In the bathrooms, floors and walls are covered with ceramic tiles. All doors and window frames are made of wood that received a special treatment against insects and moisture. 

Safety is wholly ensured at the Golden Lodge Resort. The Golden Lodge Resort will benefit from around the clock surveillance. Every visitor will be screened at the entrance of the complex, enabling you to let your children play freely outdoors. There is an advanced fire control system that can detect a fire at any location in the complex.






Description Size Price Date
Propety type: Serviced apartment tower
Location: Tay Ho street, Tay Ho district
Total area: m2
Status: Finished
Property basic info
Location: Tay Ho street, Tay Ho district
Building quotation (reference price)
Propety type Size (m2) Price (usd)
Serviced apartment tower



With only twenty seven apartments and villas, nestled near Westlake, just fifteen minutes from the city center. The Golden Lodge Resort is the smallest of the residential resorts to provide international standard facilities in Hanoi. The professional management and quality staff allows for an individual service and flexible leasing arrangement .

From the carefully proportioned living and bedrooms, the comfortable locally crafted furniture, the expansive wide bay-windows, the stunning Southern European fabrics and wall paints  to the sophisticated interior and outdoor lighting, the great attention to detail has successfully created an oasis for the whole family.

Few, if any, residence in Hanoi offers you the same feeling of being in a home away from home, near the city centre yet tucked away in a peaceful and luxurious environment with so much at your disposal to enjoy. 




The Golden Lodge Resort is a high quality development that aims to meet your needs: a trouble-free search for accommodation and the security of a reliable lease government. For many people coming to work in Hanoi, finding a residence of the required standard is extremely difficult. Accommodation is often noisy and cramped, with little privacy; to make such a place suitable for your needs takes energy and money. Even then, these accommodation may not guarantee quality. Problems with leasing contracts are not uncommon, accompanied by rapid rent increases…
In the beautiful setting at the Golden Lodge Resort, things are different. You can move in right way, confident in the knowledge that your apartment will be fully equipped, with a contract that is drawn up clearly and carefully.

The Golden Lodge Resort has been planned and built according to international standards. In this respect, the development is unique in Hanoi. No other accommodation will offer such peace of mind. These specifications will ensure longevity with high quality easily maintained.


The structure is of reinforced concrete, with foundations secured by firmly anchored footings and fully waterproofed. The partitions between each floor are soundproof. The walls are made of bricks that special heat, noise and moisture insulation. The roof is made of insulated concrete with traditional tiles forming the exterior surface. Both the roofing and the terraces have been treated so that they are impermeable. 



Building quotation
Property name Any Type Price(usd)
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Lancaster Hanoi Serviced Apartment Serviced apartment tower 1300-3800
Vimeco Residence CT1 CT2 CT3 Hoang Minh Giam Condo/Apartment Directory 500-1200
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HANOI Mayflower Serviced apartment tower 1800-3000
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ATLANTA RESIDENCES Serviced apartment tower 2200-3500
VID TOWER Office Space tower Negotiable
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GRAND PLAZA - CHARMVIT TOWER Office Space tower 20-30
VIT TOWER Office Space tower 25-30
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CMC TOWER Office Space tower 20
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HAN VIET TOWER Office Space tower Negotiable
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