Thang Long industrial Zone

Dong Anh district - Hanoi

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Land Filling Height and Gradients
TLIP is designed to be free from flooding. After filling, the elevation of the site is 8.3 m (27 feet) at the lowest and 10.5 m (35 feet) at the highest above sea level, and it keeps higher elevation by 2 - 3 m (7 - 10 feet) than its surrounding area.


The character of the ground soil is sand mixed with silt clay and firm and sound enough for construction of various types of factories. The result of geo-technical survey shows that pilling is not required for the construction of an average type of up to 2-story factory. However, the soil condition is different from point to point, and, therefore, we recommend that tenants should conduct geo-technical tests in their plots before starting construction of factories.

Road System:
All roads are asphalted. The main road has six lanes and is 37 - 42m wide. On both sides of this road is a system of lights installed symmetrically at distances of 40m. The auxiliary roads have two lanes and are 2627m wide. Along them is a system of lights arranged in the form of a zigzag at distances of 45m.

Internal roads are classified into two types as shown below. The road system in the park is designed to cope with the increase of traffic volume in the future and traffic characteristics of Vietnam.

    - Main Road
    Width of the road ranging is between 37 m (121 feet) and 42 m (138 feet).
    Asphalt pavement road with 6 traffic lanes for 2 sides.
    Street light poles are aligning in parallel with 40 m (131 feet) interval at both sides of road.
    3 m - wide (10 feet) median and sidewalk at both sides.
    This Main Road, which is as high as the Hanoi – Noi Bai Highway, meets Level C in Japanese Traffic Classification.

    - Secondary Road
    Width of the roads ranges between 26 m (85 feet) and 27 m (89 feet).
    Asphalt pavement road with 2 traffic lanes for 2 sides.
    Street light poles are aligned in zigzag with 45 m (148 feet) interval at both sides of road.
    Sidewalk at both sides.

Water Purification and Supply System:
Thang Long IP provides tenants with purified water for industrial use through an iron distribution pipe network.
Thang Long Industrial Park has a water plant with a capacity of 2,000 cubic meters per day.

Wastewater Treatment System
Wastewater from factories is collected through the underground piping network and treated at the in-house wastewater treatment plant before discharging to the drainage canal running along the southern boundary of the park through the effluent pipeline. At the wastewater treatment plant, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5), chemical oxygen demand (CODCR) and suspended solid (SS) are all measured and treated. The wastewater treatment plant has a capacity of 2,000 cubic meters per day. Here waste water is treated according to the environmental protection standards of Vietnam before being released into the ditches along the southern border of the industrial park 

Drainage System:
The drainage system is composed of Box Culvert and Covered Open Ditch network and retention ponds. Since the flow capacity of drainage ditches and related structure are calculated with the consideration of recorded data, TLIP can be kept free from flood even in case of heavy storm and typhoon in the rainy season.

Telecommunications System:
The internal telecommunication network is underground, with consideration of appearance and safety. 400 lines are available for the Phase 1 (121 ha) and Hanoi Post and Telecom Company has supplied more lines for the future in capacity and quality with optical fiber to accommodate high speed data communication, ISDN, etc.

A system of underground cables with 400 lines was installed for the first phase and has been expanded in the second phase and is again being expanded in the third phase.  Hanoi Post and Telecom Company ensures smooth communication with highspeed transmission of data.


TLIP has its own on-site sub-station with capacity of 40MVA x 2 which receives the extra high voltage electricity directly from the national network, through 2 circuits. Via a connection to the new 110kV transmission line from the Hoa Binh Hydraulic Power Plant by the Chem sub-station as one source; and from Pha Lai Thermal Power Plant via Dong Anh sub-station as the second source.  This better ensures the stability of power supply to tenants with less fluctuation of voltage. Transformer and Switch-gear in Chem sub-station was renewed and expanded to 250MVA x 2 in 1999 with financial support from the World Bank.
The internal power distribution system is also underground and is a double loop system for making sure the power supply to the tenant is uninterrupted and reliable enough for manufacturing operation. Tenants receive electricity from ring main units which are installed right at every plots.

List of Major tenants:
    1. Parker Processing Vietnam Co., Ltd. 
    2. Mitsubishi Pencil Vietnam Co., Ltd. 
    3. Canon Vietnam Co., Ltd. 
    4. Sumitomo Bakelite Vietnam Co., Ltd. 
    5. Denso Manufacturing Vietnam Co., Ltd. 
    6. TOA Vietnam Co., Ltd. 
    7. TOTO Vietnam Co., Ltd. 
    8. Sakurai Vietnam Ltd. 
    9. Dragon Logistics Co., Ltd. 
    10.  Vina KDC Wiring Industries Ltd. )
    11. Volex Cable Assembly (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. 
    12. Abe Asian Tech Hanoi Ltd.
    13. Santomas Vietnam Co., Ltd.    . .. . . .


 TOTO Vietnam Co., Ltd in Thang Long Industrial Zone


  Canon Vietnam Co., Ltd in Thang Long Industrial Zone



           Thang Long Industrial Zone perspectives


                The road to Thang Long Industrial Zone


        Thang Long Industrial Zone surroundings


             Master plan of Thang Long Industrial Zone map


Description Size Price Date
Propety type: Industrial zone
Location: Dong Anh District, Hanoi
Total area: 3 020 000 m2
Status: Complete
Property basic info
Location: Dong Anh District, Hanoi
Building quotation (reference price)
Propety type Size (m2) Price (usd)
Industrial zone 990 000-1210 000

Thang LongIndustrial Park corporation is a joint venture company between Dong Anh Chemical company (Ministry of Construction) and Sumitomo Corporation (Japan) for building and operating industrial park infrastructure in Dong Anh district, Hanoi. Sumitomo Corporation, one of the world's leading integrated trading houses of Japan who holds 58% of the legal capital and Dong Anh Mechanical Company, one of the most successful Vietnamese companies under the Ministry of Construction who holds the remaining 42% of the legal capital. Sumitomo Corporation is a partner in the Rojana Industrial Parks in Thailand and has invested in industrial parks in numerous Asian countries.





With a planned area of 300 hectares, Thang Long Industrial Park has been developed in three phases: 121 hectares for the first phase (already completed), 80 hectares for the second phase, and 99 hectares for the third phase. The industrial park is 8.3 - 10.5m above sea level and 2-3m higher than the surroundings, so it is free from floods.


- Phase1: Development Area: 121 ha. Sellable Area: 87 ha
- Phase2: 74 ha (completed in Sep.2004)
- Phase3: 89 ha (Construction started from 2005)

Total FDI projects 24 (total of 1998-2003)
Total FDI registered capital US$ 439,623,667 (total of 1998-2003) 
No.of tenants approx. 22 as of 2003. 



    Thang Long Industrial Park is located along the highway connecting central Hanoi with Non Bai International Airport .
    16 km from the center of Hanoi City (30mins by car)
    14 km from Noi Bai International Airport (15mins)
    122 km from Hai Phong Port (100mins)
    120 km from Cai Lan Port (100mins)

Building quotation
Property name Any Type Price(usd)
Hoa Binh Green building Condo/Apartment Directory 900-1800
Lancaster Hanoi Serviced Apartment Serviced apartment tower 1300-3800
Vimeco Residence CT1 CT2 CT3 Hoang Minh Giam Condo/Apartment Directory 500-1200
Elegent Suites Hanoi Westlake serviced apartment residence Serviced apartment tower 2100-16000
NewLandHouse Chain Serviced apartment tower 200-650
Candeo Residence Hanoi Serviced apartment tower 2000-3700
HANOI Mayflower Serviced apartment tower 1800-3000
Cho Mo Commercial Complex Office Space tower 20-30
ATLANTA RESIDENCES Serviced apartment tower 2200-3500
VID TOWER Office Space tower Negotiable
Song Hong Parkview Condo/Apartment Directory 800-1000
GRAND PLAZA - CHARMVIT TOWER Office Space tower 20-30
VIT TOWER Office Space tower 25-30
HANDI RESCO TOWER Office Space tower 26-28
SiPM SERVICED OFFICES Serviced office tower Negotiable
CMC TOWER Office Space tower 20
HIMLAM BUSINESS CENTER Serviced office tower 62-75
ICON 4 TOWER Serviced office tower 15-19
HAN VIET TOWER Office Space tower Negotiable
Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh Apartment Condo/Apartment Directory 600-1500