Dong Van II Industrial Zone

Duy Tien district - Ha Nam

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- Workshop: still not available however, we will start contruction within 04 months right after receiving the order from customer. Capacity: meet the demand of customer. No limittation.


Infrastructure of Dong Van II industrial zone


- Power supply: ready and it will be connected to the fence of the border of each land lot

- Water supply: ready and it will be connected to the fence of the border of each land lot

- Telecommunication: ready and it will be connected to the fence of the border of each land lot

- Internal traffic: 100% are done

Dong Van II IZ internal traffic system

- Fire prevention: the Tenant shall install and maintain an effective fire alarm system and fire fighting system for each building in the Plot. Any building within the Plot shall be equipped with a properly designed lightning arrester

- Enviroment and verdure: all tenants should meet the requirements of the Goverment on enviromental controls such as: waste water pollution, solid watses, noise pollution, air pollution, etc.

Dong Van II IZ green tree system

Human Resource:

- Labor force/source - the total population of province: Ha Nam is about 1.2 million inhabitants. Labors of Dong Vantown is about 852,695 inhabitants in wiich 70% of populations is under 35 years old - providing with a plentiful labor forces for Enterprises inside the IZ.

- Number of Universities and colleges and vocationan: beside vocational training schools, Ha Nam has over 10 schools with nearly 500 teachers and enrolment of over 10,000 students and 3,000 students graduates each year.

- Multiple system of University, colleges, technical schools and vocational training centers (such as: Ha Hoa Tien University, Ha Nam teachers college, college of Television and Radiobroadcast, Irrigation training school, Wood processing training scholl, Ha Nam Medical training school, Post-telecomunication training school No.1, etc.)

Other information:

- Custom: 9 km far from Dong Van II. Custom Administrative procedures will be held inside the IZ

- Bus system: Bus line from Ha Noi to Dong Van town, Ha Nam province and conversely are available from 5.30h a.m to 22h30 p.m, 15 mintutes/time

- Accomodation for labors: besides dormitories available for rent in surrounding residential area, VID Group is to build dormitories and high-building serving for expert and the labors near the IZ to satisfy the demand for housing

- Construction density: 60% (13 m - 15 m height)

- Average storey: 1-2 floors for the workshop; 1-4 floors for the Offices

- Building line (setbacks): main construction works such as workshops, office and canteen,etc. (Except for such sub-works as motorcycle shed, power cub-station) shall be built at least 6 m from the building lines of the internal roads (rent plot's boundary) and at least 3 m from the neighboring plot's boundary.


Industrial area for small and medium enterprises

and enterprises operating in supporting industries perspective.

Now, total area for lease at Dong Van II IZ is over 60% (area: over 120 ha). Some big investors as: Sumitomo Denso, Honda, Showa Denko, Tachibana, Honda Lock - Japan; Cargill - USA; Utin - Hong Kong; Vinawind, Hanosimex - Vietnam etc.

Honda Lock Factory - Dong Van II IZ



        Master plan of Dong Van II Industrial Zone map 

                                                                               (White spaces are not leased)

Description Size Price Date
Propety type: Industrial zone
Location: Duy Tien District, Ha Nam Province
Total area: 2 640 000 m2
Status: Complete
Property basic info
Location: Duy Tien District, Ha Nam Province
Building quotation (reference price)
Propety type Size (m2) Price (usd)
Industrial zone 2 640 000


- North: Near Dong Van Residential Area

- South: Near Dong Van I Industrial Zone

- East: Near 1B Highway

- West: Near 1A Hightway

Dong Van II Industrial Zone is one of diversified industrial zones in Vietnam, including electro-mechanical assembly, food processing, light industry, consumer goods, jewelry processing, precision electronic component manufacturing, automobiles, household appliances, mechanics.



                                                     Location of Dong Van II Industrial Zone


                                                 Dong Van II Industrial Zone seen from satellite


Geographical position of industrial zone


* From Noi Bai International Airport: 65 km

* From the center of Hanoi capital: 45 km

* From Hai Phong Port: 125 km

* From Quang Ninh - Cai Lan Deep seaport: 145 km


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Lancaster Hanoi Serviced Apartment Serviced apartment tower 1300-3800
Vimeco Residence CT1 CT2 CT3 Hoang Minh Giam Condo/Apartment Directory 500-1200
Elegent Suites Hanoi Westlake serviced apartment residence Serviced apartment tower 2100-16000
NewLandHouse Chain Serviced apartment tower 200-650
Candeo Residence Hanoi Serviced apartment tower 2000-3700
HANOI Mayflower Serviced apartment tower 1800-3000
Cho Mo Commercial Complex Office Space tower 20-30
ATLANTA RESIDENCES Serviced apartment tower 2200-3500
VID TOWER Office Space tower Negotiable
Song Hong Parkview Condo/Apartment Directory 800-1000
GRAND PLAZA - CHARMVIT TOWER Office Space tower 20-30
VIT TOWER Office Space tower 25-30
HANDI RESCO TOWER Office Space tower 26-28
SiPM SERVICED OFFICES Serviced office tower Negotiable
CMC TOWER Office Space tower 20
HIMLAM BUSINESS CENTER Serviced office tower 62-75
ICON 4 TOWER Serviced office tower 15-19
HAN VIET TOWER Office Space tower Negotiable
Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh Apartment Condo/Apartment Directory 600-1500