Dinh Vu Industrial Zone

Hai An district - Hai Phong

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1. Fire fighting pond



Dinh Vu Industrial zone is taking the safety as one of its priority. Therefore DVIZ is equipped with fire fighting installation meeting the international standard. Throughout the zone several hydrant are available for proper firefighter intervention. In addition special equipments are in place to protect the petrochemical area as well as the two liquid jetties. DVIZ has enough water in its tank to provide pressured water for more than two continues hours.


2. Power



On 15 January 2006, the Electricity of Hai Phong put the new 2x63 MVA 110/22KV Dinh Vu Substation into operation after 1 year of construction. The Electricity of Vietnam Corporation invested in this facility located at the Utilities area of Dinh Vu Industrial Zone. With a capital of more than 74 billion VND, the substation is equipped with 2 transformers of 63 MVA, one of which will be operational in the first phase. The Substation will keep the clients in the DVIZ assured of a stable power source for a long run development and operation.

DVIZ is one of the only industrial zone to recieve direct energy supply for two different national power stations. This ensure a high stability in source supply thanks to the capability to switch from one source to another. In addition, dedicated diesel-generator power plant supplying power via 22-kV distribution system to DVIZ. The DVIZ has developed its own and independent powerproduction and backup system to service its clients with a reliable and stable office powersource.


3. Water



New treated water connection: DVIZ is equipped with a treated water supply system distributing water to the clients via an underground network of HDPE pipes. This system is connected to the city network with capacity of 12,500 m3/day.
Raw water: A reliable source of surface water from Da Do River will be provided to DVIZ to meet with raw water demand to the clients in DVIZ. The Feasibility Study is being prepared by Hai Phong Department of Transportation.

Water Treatment Plant: Independent water treatment and water storage capacity built up on site.


4. Telecommunication




Haiphong Post and Telecommunication Company (HPTC) is the sole state agency responsible for the telecommunication service. In March 2003, HPTC has started the construction of a Post Office covering 1000 m2 at the Utilities area of DVIZ to serve the telecommunication need of investors in the zone.

On 24/9/2003, the HPTC started to supply advanced telematics services in the DVIZ. These services include high speed ADSL Internet connection (able to respond to subscribers at maximal 3.5 km distance from the exchange) as well as service of hiring separate channels: 64kb/s, 2Mb/s, etc.... Proconco was very happy to become the first client of HP Post Office in DVIZ to enjoy the new ADSL communication service.

5. Waste Water Treatment Plant



In order to assure that all companies operating in DVIZ can comply with Vietnam’s new laws on environment protection and sustainable development, Dinhvu IP WWTP has taken the initiative to invest and build a common WWTP and sewer collection system to treat all the effluent generated by all our customers. Today all the effluent generated by all companies in DVIZ, our customers, are collected in the sewer collection system and guided to this WWTP for treatment.

One of highlight feature of Dinhvu WWTP is the combination of chemical treatment and biology technology. In short the process applied works as the opposite process of soap which disperses / mixes one matter into another, here the process is reversed and suspended materials are made non suspended, and then they are removed. As a result, the quality of effluent water from all our customers now meets the current Vietnamese environmental standard, which means that the effluent can be discharged into the river without any further treatment. The completion and start of operation of the Dinhvu IP WWTP demonstrates our commitment to serve our customers and care and responsibility for the environment protection.

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Propety type: Industrial zone
Location: Hai An District, Hai Phong Province
Total area: 945 ha m2
Status: Completed
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Location: Hai An District, Hai Phong Province
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Industrial zone

The. Dinh Vu Industrial Zone (DVIZ), located in Hai Phong, Vietnam, is a development initiated by a consortium of international companies in close co-operation with the Vietnamese Authorities, to create new economic opportunities and further thrust Vietnam forward in to the rapid globalization phenomenon of the world economy. The Dinh Vu Industrial Zone is an integrated industrial development designed to provide an ideal and solid establishment for international investors to capitalize on the natural resources, skilled labor and tremendous market potential of the Red River Delta Region in Northern Vietnam, the whole country of Vietnam as well as its neighboring countries China, Lao PDR and Cambodia.



Dinh Vu Industrial Zone is situated on Dinh Vu Peninsula - in the downstream from Hai Phong to the River on the continential shelf.
DVIZ -  the industrial zone and important transportation hub of the North:
+ 100km far from Hanoi Capital on the Highway 5
+ 3km far from Cat Bi which is widened to become international airport in the future
+ On the railway from Hai Phong - Ha Noi - Lao Cai - Con Minh (China)
+  3km far from Contener Port - Ve Pagoda.

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