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Rainbow Preschool

Rainbow Preschool

223 Au Co Road, Tay Ho, Hanoi
Tel: +84 4 37181390 - Fax:
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We enrolled our 3-year-old daughter in the Nursery Class at Rainbow School when we moved to Hanoi earlier this year. We’ve been really happy with our choice and very pleased with how much our daughter has learned and grown in a relatively short time at the school.

The curriculum provides just the right blend of structure with creativity and self-expression. The teachers have been thoughtful and caring, giving us regular updates about how our daughter is doing in terms of her social-emotional development and integration in the class, areas of learning that she enjoys most, etc.

We love the indoor facilities – especially the classrooms, which are colorfully decorated with children’s artwork and arranged into learning corners. An added bonus is the well-protected balcony space in each classroom that creates a link with the outdoors and gives the teachers extra room for fun yet messy activities like water exploration.

We also love that the outdoor space is perfectly suited for Hanoi’s fickle weather, including a large, covered sand pit / playground; a covered tarmac area that’s great for riding bikes and other push toys; and a grassy playground that gives kids plenty of space to stretch their legs.

The effort the school puts into reaching out to parents and meeting specific needs for the children has been impressive. For instance, our family eats mostly vegetarian, and the school has worked hard to develop nutritious meals to suit vegetarian diets. They also do a range of things designed to involve parents more in the school, such as weekly newsletters, parent-teacher meetings and a children’s art exhibition.

So all around, we couldn’t be happier with our choice of pre-school in Hanoi. We know our daughter can't wait to get back there again this August!