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Saturday, 23/08/2014, 10:25

A tiny apartment has been redesigned to convert into dozens of living spaces


A very small amount of floor space wasn’t enough to stop architect Gary Chang living with all the room he needed in his Hong Kong apartment.

Mr Chang, an architect, has transformed the 30sq m apartment, so that it can be configured into 24 different designs, through a series of sliding walls and panels.The walls slide along tracks to convert the rooms for different uses.


There is room for a party and 3000 CDs. Pictures: Edge Design.

He has dubbed the project the “Domestic Transformer” and now has a lot more in the apartment than he could have ever fitted before.

This includes a hammock, a 2.2 metre long desk, shelves for more than 3000 CDs, a shower box with steam, massage jets and colour therapy, 16 foldable chairs, and space for party with more than 20 guests, plus a bar.


Relaxing in a hammock isn’t out of the question in the tiny apartment. Picture: Edge Design. 

Mr Chang says his next wish would be a tent as guestroom.

He has lived in the apartment for most of his life, but it is very different now from when he was there with his family who moved out in the late eighties to bigger premises.

“I have been staying in this apartment since the 1970s,’’ he said.


The apartment design makes the most of views. Picture: Edge Design. 

“It was originally the home for my whole family: my parents, my three younger sisters and me, plus one outsider (we sublet one room to him),’’ he said.

“Since then, I had made up till now four transformations, this latest model which I nicknamed: Domestic Transformer was done in 2008.’’

Mr Chang says it took a year to complete the latest model, six months to design and six months to renovate.


The shower room doubles as a phone box. Picture: Edge Design.
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