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Guangzhou Daily Group Culture Center
IAPA shared with us their proposal for the Guangzhou Daily Group of Culture Center, a large multi-purpose building complex, which recently won the excellence award in the International Architecture Design Competition.
Colossal SeaOrbiter Research Ocean Skyscraper To Begin Construction In 2012
Looking into the future and the ocean with an exceptional marine skyscraper design named SeaOrbiter, humanity will learn more about 80 % of life on Earth, hidden in the oceans. The construction of this impressive research ocean skyscraper will begin by the end of 2012.
'Beatings', sniper nests and a punishment block called 'The Hole': Inside Scientology's strict Sea Org which Suri Cruise faced joining – and which drove her parents apart
10 Spectacular Hotels That Make Us Say Wow
Though we focus primarily on houses here at Home Designing, it is impossible to overlook the steady stream of splendid hotels we come across on a regular basis. We decided to put together a list of ten of our favorites – places to dream about over and over, to get away from it all in the highest of style. Here they are…
Paris commuter train has carriages transformed to resemble rooms from the Palace of Versailles
Few commuters in Britain would describe their train journey to and from work as a pleasant experience. Passengers have become used to overcrowded carriages, not to mention finding discarded newspapers, sweet wrappers or worse on the seats. But some lucky commuters in France enjoy an altogether different ride, as these amazing pictures show.
Interiors of Microsoft’s Building 4 in Redmond Campus
Building 4 in Redmond, Washington, is home to the Microsoft campus where the firm’s office innovation team was challenged with the question of how offices will work and appear in 15 years time. The task of determining what an office in the future would look like resulted in the Building 4 prototype, designed by Studio O+A and Microsoft, to contain an entire working community of thinkers, doers, makers and innovators.
Princess Suri's dreams come true as indulgent Tom Cruise treats her to a night in Disney's Cinderella Castle
It seems that no wish is too great for Tom Cruise's little princess Suri.