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Tuesday, 09/09/2014, 14:06

Small Living Room Ideas That Defy Standards With Their Stylish Designs


A small living room doesn’t have to be a game-changer when you’re decorating your home.

Don’t think of it as just a tiny space in your home but as a challenge. Brighten up because there are tons of ways in which you can turn this issue into an advantage if you pick the right design.

Make a small living room feel more airy with large windows or, even better, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Adapt their design to the style you’ve chosen for the room. Make the most of the space available with the right type of layout.


Find ways to create combos when choosing your furniture. Take this design for example. The sofa fits perfectly into that little nook in the wall unit and the open shelves let the room feel more spacious and less cluttered.



Choosing the right colors for the room can be the thing that changes the whole perspective. Paint the walls white and pick furniture that features light colors. It’s a nice idea to also have some contrasts but avoid dark shades by any means.



If the room is small, do you really need bulky furniture? Turn the room into a cozy seating area and focus your efforts on creating a harmonious décor while using as little furniture as possible without compromising on style and comfort.



Layer textures to create an inviting and unique décor. Notice the subtle orange accents that complement the light color palette and the texture on the walls, the rug and the way all these subtle hints merge to form a welcoming room.



Layout is very important when you’re dealing with a small space. It;s why we find this traditional living room very charming. The fireplace takes center stage, with two armchairs framing it and a 2-seater sofa in front of it. It’s the perfect combination.



Although this room is only wide enough to incorporate a three-seater sofa, somehow it doesn’t feel tiny. The large windows and the sliding glass doors that lead outdoors definitely help but the key is the simplicity of the design.



Try a symmetrical approach to change the perspective. Two matching armchairs placed side by side mimic the sofa and the coffee table and the shelving unit tie everything together. Also, the black and white combo suits the room really well.



To save space and to also make the room feel more spacious, incorporate open shelves anywhere you can. In this case, the fireplace is wonderfully framed by shelves. We love the way the wooden ceiling stands out and the fact that the lighting fixtures don’t overwhelm the room.



This room is actually a multi-purpose space and it’s amazing how everything fits here when there’s so little space to work with. There’s a work desk in the corner near the door, a dining table with chairs and a sofa. Shelves were integrated above the door and windows which is a very smart idea.



A small room with little natural light is definitely not ideal. Yet you can maximize the amount of light coming through the small window and the way it influences the décor by keeping the design simple and the room uncluttered.



A staircase can become an inconvenient if it’s part of a small living room. However, if you choose glass for the safety walls and a simple design overall, it can look less invasive. You can also use pattern to spread out accent details throughout the room.



Paint the walls the same color as the ceiling to make a room feel larger. It’s a neat trick you can use if you have a small room. You can also have furniture that fits in the same color palette.


Another option is to create a uniform and cohesive décor to start with by using the same color for the walls and ceiling and a similar tone for the rug and then to add a little bit of contrast to the room with the furniture.


A wall decal can add depth to a room and make it seem bigger. Another trick you can use to your advantage. It’s also a great way of breaking the monotony in the case of a neutral décor.



In a small room, it’s important to highlight the right features. For example, the fireplace is definitely the focal point of this room but the striped armchairs balance out the décor both in terms of color and ambiance.
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