Trang Due Industrial Zone

An Duong district - Hai Phong

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Infrastructure of Trang Due Industrial Zone
Road System in the industrial zone:
The major internal road system and other roads are constructed standardly, ensuring connection between the Industrial Zone and infrastructure outside.
Main road: 32m wide
Secondary roads: 23m wide
- Plants and office:
The plants with the area of 4.000 m²- 6000 m² are built and set up some basic equipment for rent. Investors can immediately make production because of their completion. 

- Electronic system:
Substation 110/35KV is installed with the most modern and best equipment, the capacity 2x63MVA, serving Industrial Zone's demand, ensuring stable and sufficient supply for the Industrial Zone as a whole. 
- Water system:
Water supplier is Vat Cach Water Factory (Hai Phong), the capacity is 20.000m3 per day and will be increased 30.000m2 per day, ensuring providing sufficiently and stably for enterprises in the industrial zone.

- Drainage system:
Industrial and biological wastewater is collected and treated in wastewater tank system (The first period: 5000m3 per day as expected), ensuring sanitation. 
- Communication system:
Communication system is at present supplied by Vietnamese leading telcos such as VNPT, EVN-Telecom ... It is epuipped modernly with separate cable lines.
In 2013, Board of manager of the industrial zone will cooperate with suppliers to ensure  100% communication lines underground, quality of service, and image and brand of investors.

Aother public amenities:
In addition to synchonous and modern infrastructure, Trang Due industrial zone still provide some services, including customs procedures, transport, warehousing, and other import and export condition for all enetrprises in Trang Due Industrial Zone.
With the idea of sustainable development, building Trang Due IP acompanies with building modern urban inside. In the future, Trang Due IP will provide some social services, such as accommodation for workers, bank, kingdergarten, school, recreational place.
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Propety type: Industrial zone
Location: An Duong District, Hai Phong Province
Total area: 600 ha m2
Status: Đã hoàn thành
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Location: An Duong District, Hai Phong Province
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Industrial zone

Trang Due Industrial Park is one in triangle economic point in Northern (Ha Noi – HaiPhong – QuangNinh), so Trang Due IP gain many advantages from dynamic economic zone. Trang Due Industrial Park lied on the important location, a convenient transportation with other provinces and international countries through highway, rail way, seaport, river and air-port; On other hand, Trang Due Industrial Park also take a positive effect from some big project which are in construction in HaiPhong City such as High way New No 5 Ha Noi-HaIPhong project, LachHuyen New Deep Port project and expanding Cat Bi air-port. Together with target to build a professional Industrial Park and friendly with environment, synchronous infrastructure and modern, high quality facilities, therefore, Trang Due Industrial Park become a good destination both domestic investors and foreigner investors because of good location, good service which we support to investor.

LachHuyen New deep – port Project

LachHuyen New deep-port was constructed to provide the demand of load good and logistics by sea, increasing day by day in province, industrial zone, economic zone in the North, especially triangle of Ha Noi, HaiPhong, QuangNinh economy. With convenient  maritime location, modern equipment to ensure load capacity, and deeply accept board with big capacity can enter safe and easy.
New High way No 5 Ha Noi – HaiPhong
Ha Noi – HaiPhong Highway (called by 5B highway) is one of six the important National Roads in the North of Viet Nam.  Ha Noi – HaiPhong new highway project was carried out that will improve safe transportation and reduce the moving time between two big city or among big industrial zone or economic zone. Moreover, this road was built to develop strategy and poverty reduction through building and developing project area.
International Air-port
The international air-port is not only meet the demand of developing of the city but also meet the demand of the North Coast. It’s suitable with planning of area, region and general planning of HaiPhong city to 2025, and vision to 2050 that one was approved by Prime Minister.
Building quotation
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HANOI Mayflower Serviced apartment tower 1800-3000
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ATLANTA RESIDENCES Serviced apartment tower 2200-3500
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