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Friday, 07/06/2013, 14:14

Create good Feng Shui in laundry room


It is possible to have good feng shui in your laundry room, just like it is possible to have good feng shui in your closet, your garage, or your basement.

 The fact that an area in your home is challenging does not mean it has to have bad feng shui; it just means you have to spend a bit more time in creating good feng shui energy in that area.

Here are 3 main steps for good feng shui in your laundry room:

The first feng shui step with any challenging space is to clutter clear and organize it well. There is no way around it, and there are no feng shui cures that will work in a cluttered space. 

The second feng shui step
 is to spend some time clarifying your laundry room needs and finding the best way organize it in order to fulfill those needs. Maximum shelving space and efficient, as well as attractive storage containers are a must; you just have to define what is possible and what is needed in your specific laundry room.

The third feng shui step
 - decorating your laundry room for good feng shui - is the fun part! It's the part that will feel like rewarding yourself after the hard work you had to do to get there. Find out which feng shui bagua area your laundry room is located in and bring the best feng shui wall color according to the needed feng shui elements; find a way to bring fun, energizing art. Also be sure you have nice lighting, do not use the boring and lonely ceiling light bulb. 


With just a bit of time and effort, you can create a well-organized, fun and pleasurable to be in laundry room with good feng shui. 



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